Benefits of Booking a Chicago Vacation Rental Home


Planning a trip to Chicago? Enjoy the comforts of home by renting one of our many vacation rental homes located in the Chicago neighborhood of Bucktown / Wicker Park. Relax in a fully furnished home and experience Chicago like a local. Embark on a journey of fun and adventure in this great city and then come back to your very own private home to unwind.

When looking into a family vacation, there are several considerations, including where to stay. While lots of travelers think about staying at a resort, some families have actually found many benefits when booking vacation rental homes instead of hotels.

Jessica Turner, founder of The Mom Creative and author of the best-selling book The Fringe Hours: Making Time for You, which encourages women to practice self-care and make time for their passions. In Jessica’s popular lifestyle blog she shared her first experience of staying in a vacation rental during her vacation to Hilton Head. She shared 15 benefits of a vacation rental, which include:

1. Laundry: This is such a huge benefit! Many vacation rentals have a washer/dryer in them. This means you can pack much less and reduce luggage fees when flying. You can additionally do laundry any time during your stay, or if you are like me, do all your laundry while on vacation, so you get back home with two large suitcases full of clean clothes! (No need to bring detergent because when you stay at Bucktown House, guests are provided with complimentary detergent.)

2. Ability to cook at home: Having a fully equipped kitchen can really help you save cash on dining in a restaurant, especially for breakfast or lunch. We had breakfast at “home” each day and most days consumed lunch or dinner there as well. Eating out can be pricey and we typically feel better when we eat our own, usually healthier cooking! Of course it’s fun to try local restaurants when you are on a vacation, but eating out excessively can really impact your budget. 

3. Extra space: This is a HUGE benefit of staying in a vacation rental home. Our condo was truly a “home away from home”. It was so nice to have added space to lounge, unwind and relax, instead of being cooped up in one room. We were able to really enjoy our family down time and found much more comfort lounging around the living-room as opposed to a hotel room. The kids were able to spread out as they played, as well as snooze in different areas, which was a blessing.

4. Cost effective: We were shocked by how cost effective our spacious apartment was. The rate was certainly comparable to a hotel. Because most vacation rentals are quite expansive, oftentimes families are able to rent them together, making vacation rental homes cheaper than a hotel.

5. Community: Staying in a vacation rental home in a community within a beach town translated to private access to the exclusive beaches, scrumptious restaurants and a community of other people who were all enjoying the location together. If you travel with a friend or family, a vacation rental apartment can additionally provide the perfect space to entertain your loved ones or friends you meet while on vacation.

6. Variety: Every rental is going to offer something different – different décor, view, furnishings, services, etc. You can choose your vacation rental and accommodations based on your budget, whether big or little and how you prefer to define your trip – on the beach, a tree-lined street, near a golf course, or in a cabin on a mountain.

7. Comforts of home: Vacation rentals provide all the conveniences and comforts of home (and even some your home may not have). There’s space to sprawl out, comfy living spaces, multiple rooms, WiFi, and so on. It truly felt like “home” for the week. We found ourselves telling our kids it’s “time to go home” throughout our trip. This translated to simple transitions for us, long naps for our little ones and in general a much more relaxing vacation.

8. Loads of privacy: In a vacation rental home, you typically have private balconies as well as private entries. This means you have no need to pass through a lobby when you’re coming and going. You won’t be woken up by hotel parties or housekeeping knocking on your door in the early morning hours. In addition, depending on the unit, occasionally private pools, roof top decks and BBQ grills (often found in single family rental homes) are also included.

9. Everywhere: Vacation rental homes are available just about anywhere and everywhere you would want to visit!

10. Safety: From exclusive entry codes on the locks to being located in gated communities with guards, vacation rentals are quite safe. As a family, this is so important.

11. Technology: Our apartment had WiFi, TV’s throughout with cable service as well as DVD players. So if you enjoy technology while on a trip, you can definitely have it.

12. Customer service: When booking through a property management company, you are provided with excellent customer support both before, during, and after your trip. They can help you make the best decision concerning your rental choice, guidance on activities while on vacation, and much more.

13. Entertainment options: We had access to a swimming pool, a private beach, lots of places to dine, bike trails, free movie rentals, and more.

14. Less congested: Since we stayed in an apartment and not a resort, we didn’t feel crowded by people.

15. Memories: Most importantly, the memories we created during our vacation will certainly last a lifetime!

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